Terri works mostly on private commissions, painting portraits of people and animals, still lifes and landscapes.

While Terri loves to work directly from life, these days it is difficult for most people to find the time or patience to pose for a portrait.

Usually, Terri’s clients have a photograph for Terri to work from. If they want something new or more current, Terri takes her own pictures of the subject until she achieves the look or mood the client is looking for. Many of Terri’s portraits are based on her own photographs.

“Dealing primarily with what she considers to be beautiful, Ms. Jackson bathes her subjects in swaths of color and light reminiscent of the early Impressionists. Her lines tend to be soft, yet the images they render are striking. Their grace and elegance remind one of movement similar to that which is found in sculpture relating to dance. Her portraits evoke a sense of spirit and inner being. Her fine sensitivity is reflected in the way she perceives and illuminates her subjects.”
—London/East Galleries, Philadelphia